American Cycling

Welcome to American Cycling!

United States have been historically associated with cars as a way of getting from A to B. Why? The answer is simple – because concept of Freedom is what is written in Constitution. And driving your own vehicle where you want and when you want is a great example of personal freedom. This is one of the reasons public transport is not good here.

However, as time goes by, situation changes greatly. Our cities not only grow, but become more dense. In lots of cities you can no longer drive comfortable anywhere close to downtown. Metro areas’ infrastructure is no longer suitable for the amount of cars we have on our streets. So, can we talk about personal freedom in case with cars now? Only to some extent.

In our opinion, in today’s situation cycling offers much more freedom compared to cars. In many cases you can get where you want faster and more efficiently with the help of bike.

However, American cycling has a very long way to go, to get even close to Europe, where bikes are considered normal way to commute.

Just have a look what a Dutch tourist think about cycling in the States:

Luckily, it gets better. More and more cities understand that cycling is the only option for efficient transportation in nearest future. We now see more dedicated bike lanes separated from motorized traffic, they get connected in major grids and it’s becoming safer to ride a bike.